Note: If you've been denied for a Lenny Credit application, please check your email for specific reasons your application was denied.

Here is a list of reasons a credit application may be denied:

Student Debt

While you aren't negatively impacted by having outstanding student loans, if there is no history showing you’ve made an effort to begin taking care of loans, creditors worry you won't prioritize paying off credit balances either.

High Balances on Credit Cards

If you already do have a credit card and have done some excessive spending, creditors worry that if you’re given an inch you’ll take a mile. Being modest with credit usage impresses lenders.

High Volume of Credit Inquiries

Credit inquiries occur when you apply for multiple loans or cards in a short period of time, which makes creditors anxious. As a reminder, a Lenny Credit application is considered a soft inquiry and it does not increase the total amount of inquiries in your credit report

Recent Collections

A collection can result from a debt that has not been paid on time. This results in a red flag to lenders that you may treat the money they lend you the same way.


Being underage can make it difficult to get credit. 18 and up is generally the rule though there are exceptions.

Incomplete Application

All information is vital when it comes to applying for credit, though this is usually not a problem with online applications.

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