Lenny offers lines of credit with rates and terms customized for each individual customer and his or her unique financial situation. Generally, the rates and terms of our lines of credit depend on several factors, including applicant’s credit history, financial situation, grade point average, and other factors.

California Lines of Credit

Amount Range

$100 - $10,000

APR Range 

7.9% - 14.99%

Late payment forgiveness

After you make at least 6 consecutive payments of at least the minimum payment amount on or before the applicable due date and your line of credit is otherwise in good standing, you are eligible for one late payment fee waiver in a calendar year.


Annual Membership Fees

$2 per month starting with the first billing cycle

Check Payment Fees

$15 per payment made by check

Penalty Fees

  • Late payment - $15
  • Returned payment - $15
  • Returned check - $15

Please refer to your individual line of credit agreement and disclosures for additional terms and fees that may apply.

For more info on the rates for lines of credit issued through Lenny’s mobile app and lennycredit.com, please visit our Rates page.

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