Lenny offers approval of credit, taking into consideration several factors, such as credit history, education, professional profile, and other factors. If you are not approved for a line of credit, it is likely because certain aspects of your profile or history do not fall within our criteria for approval.

Can I still use Lenny even if I am not approved for a Lenny Credit line?

Yes! You can still open a Lenny Starter account and access your free official FICO credit score and our financial education resources.

If I'm not approved for a Lenny Credit line now, can I reapply in the future?

Yes. We suggest that you wait 4 to 6 months before reapplying.

Can I increase my chances of being approved in the future?

Yes, Lenny looks at various data points to determine your eligibility, including your dedication to learning about building healthy financial habits, which is why we give you Lenny Points for reading our educational articles. 

Certain life changes, such as a change in salary, may increase your chances.

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