What are Lenny Points?

Lenny Points can be used to increase your credit line and to unlock exclusive Lenny features.

Getting a credit line increase with other companies can be a hassle. Most of the time, the only way to find out if you’re eligible for an increase is to call in, wait on the line, and ask a representative. Credit line increases aren’t guaranteed, and the eligibility criteria aren’t advertised.

Lenny Points are another example of Lenny automating parts of the lending industry that just don’t make sense. Lenny uses our Lenny Points to show our users how close they are to a credit line increase, and what they can do to get there faster. This system eliminates the hassle of getting a credit line increase that many old school companies still use.

Why are Lenny Points so exciting?

Lenny points can be used to increase your credit limit and gain access to additional features.  The points never expire and accumulate for as long as you have an account with Lenny. 

Points are earned by completing actions that will increase your credit score, like paying your bill on time and keeping your credit usage ratio low. Having a higher credit limit lets you spend more money responsibly while increasing your credit score.

Read the full guide on earning and using Lenny Points.

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