My bank transfer failed. What should I do?

Most bank transfers in Lenny should take 1 business day to process. If the bank transfer does not appear within 2 business days of your original request date, it is likely that the bank account information you provided was incorrect. 

When the bank information is incorrect, the bank will return the funds within 5 business days to your Lenny Credit balance, and Lenny will notify you via email that the funds are back in your Lenny account. 

Note: If you still don’t see your bank transfer in your bank or the funds back in your Lenny balance within 5 business days, please contact us so we can help you track it down.

Why did my transaction fail?

A transaction fails when we receive an ACH reject code from your financial institution. This is an action your financial institution makes when we send them a request to send or receive a transaction. 

The reason for these ACH errors varies, but some of the common issues are: insufficient funds, invalid account number, unable to locate account, frozen account, unauthorized transaction.

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